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Recognized as a Global Learning and Exchange Provider

The SEC America Group promotes global learning and cultural Homestay experiences for exchange students living with a host family. In promoting and providing international exchange students an American high school living experience or an international university student’s summer seasonal work and travel job; we are sharing the true American family and the true American workplace with people of the world.

The goal of our cultural student exchange programming is to provide the foreign exchange student, host family, international university student, work and travel employee, and work experience employer with quality educational and family living experiences. Foreign exchange students, host families, area representatives and coordinators will enhance their personal growth and establish quality friendships lasting a lifetime. We are making a difference with the international exchange student, host family, student exchange representative, foreign university student, work and travel employee and their co workers.

The SEC-America Group is made up of the following:

  • Student Exchange Consulting in America
  • Student Exchange Programs in America
  • Private School Programs in America
  • Work Experience Programs in America
  • English Tutor Overseas
  • Au Pair Programs in America

Introducing a Unique "First of Its Kind" Exchange Program

Student Exchange Consulting in America would like to take this opportunity to announce a first of its kind program in international student exchange. For NO-CHARGE, SEC America Group of companies offers its proven services to participants in the international student exchange industry: Host Families, Representatives, Coordinators, Summer Work Employers, Public Schools, Private Schools, Student Exchange Managers, Coordinators and Supervisors.

2010 Consulting and Outsourcing Services

As you begin your 2010 recruiting and placing cycle, we congratulate you and all you do in the foreign exchange student industry. We want to make your August placement flow smoother. We can reduce your costs of doing business and improve your overall performance of programs and operations. The professional services and experience offered by SEC America Group can be an asset to your company.

International Agency to Partners Sought

International Agencies may contact us about becoming a SEC America “Partner Agency.” Ask us for details about how we can assist your agency. Let SEC America represent you with the AYP, Work Programs and Private Schools in America. Become part of a growing group of agencies who have decided to join with the SEC America Partner Group.

The PSP America Program Joins with America's Leading Private Schools

In the last month, Our PSP America Program has built a relationship with over 150+ of American’s leading Private High Schools. These prestigious schools have agreed to join with the PSP America Program for the 2010 fall school year. Joining SEC America as a “Partner Program” can benefit your private school program.

Please bookmark and visit this site frequently. After the New Year, there will be additional marketing promotions and activities to promote our services, websites, programs, activities and benefits to the SEC America Group “Partner Programs.”