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About Student Exchange Consulting LLC

Since 1970, SEC America had started its journey towards its mission of sharing positives of student exchange to the world thru the belief that all people of student exchange are truly America’s best “Diplomats.” From local representatives, local schools, local managers, through to the heads of companies, all their efforts for the student exchange industry cumulates into a true “Ambassador for America” returning home to share the true American family with their family and friends.

What does Student Exchange Consulting do?

SEC America is a group of companies dedicated to consulting and outsourcing in student exchange. With our Partner Programs and Partner Agents, we offer many exciting programs in student educational cultural exchange. From traditional student exchange opportunities to private high school programs, work experience and travel programs, and the NEW Public-Private Schools Program; SEC America brings 38 years in student educational exchange experience to your door, won’t you please let us in?

SEC-America also offers services in: host family opportunities, exchange student job opportunities, and top notch professional consulting services to host families, private and public schools, educators and teachers, work experience employers, work and travel programs, the NEW English Tutor Worldwide program, Professional Trainee Program, Study Abroad and the H2B Work Program.

The Companies of the SEC America Group

  • SEP-America, Student Exchange Programs in America: offer quality opportunities for involvement in student exchange.
  • PSP-America, Private School Programs in America: offer opportunities for cultural diversity in America’s private schools.
  • PPS-America, Public-Private Schools in America: Offer opportunities to attend a select group of high quality public schools.
  • WEP-America, Work Experience Programs in America: Offering opportunity to work and travel throughout the USA
  • ET-Overseas, English Tutor Overseas: offers worldwide travel to university students during their summer vacation

Our Partner Programs

The SEC AmericaPartner Programs” are the premier student exchange programs in America. Since 1997, our “Partner Programs” have had the most qualitative programming, envied by those in student exchange. We strive to deliver the most outstanding programming for host families, students, schools, and communities; join with us in our commitment to offer the best professional staff in exchange. “Partner Programs” are designated by the United States Department of State as an official Exchange Visitor Program Sponsor. On the basis of materials submitted and reviewed, the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel grants them full listing in their Advisory List.

Our Partner Agencies

The SEC America Program Partners are from Eastern and Western Europe, Central and South America, and the Pacific Rim of countries. With over 125 agents throughout the regions we are able to give the best diversity for your programs. Our qualitative agencies are able to present outstanding students with good English abilities and the desire to represent their countries and families to the best of their abilities.

We Do International Student Exchange Right!

Exchange students aged 15 through 18 live with matched volunteer host families, experience making new friends, and studying at a local high school. Exchange students interact by sharing interests, hobbies and lifestyle with their host family. The SEP America Program is continually monitored and improved by our educators, experienced staff, overseas partners and friends of exchange,

We prepare future world leaders for their university education or careers in our increasingly global interdependent world. Student exchange plays an important part of the student exchange experience, by providing the opportunity to learn skills for the future.

BENEFITS of the GLOBAL ADVANTAGE in the Classroom and on Campus

  • Cultural differences from 55 nationalities shared with American students
  • Exposure to 60 nationalities spread equally over Europe, Asia and South America
  • Student pre-arrival training is provided by our 125 International Partner Agency’s
  • Perspective differences adds more discussion within the classroom
  • Exposes your students to a different view point mentality
  • Interaction of students brings a global view and a discussion topic
  • Creates American students interest in other languages
  • American students gain new perspectives on a world view
  • Development of American & international student bonding life-long friendships
  • Global world ties becomes more of a reality for classroom discussion
  • Diversity in the classroom leads to challenges and the exchange of ideas
  • Global education within American classrooms needs to grow in our Global World
  • International students provide a more direct connection in the classroom to global discussion than maps, computers and even textbooks.
  • Your school or household becomes a global living room helping students succeed

Thank you for your interest in student exchange,

Gene Lewis,

Founder and President