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Student Exchange Consulting Corporate Biography

CEO — Glenn Sheets is retired after 39 years as a school teacher, education administrator and entrepreneur in the home-housing industry. Glenn has joined the leadership of SEC America since 2008.

Gene and Helga Lewis

Founder and President — Gene Lewis is the Founder and President of the Student Exchange Consulting Group, and the creator and founder of the industry leading SEA USA Information Center. SEC-America and its 5 programs come from the passion and love in student exchange. From the helper to a local rep, host dad, representative, manager, director, Public Relations Director, Outreach Director to creator of programs in student exchange. Using his expertise in student exchange and related programs, SEC offers outsourcing services and consulting programs to families, students, representatives, schools, international agents and to student exchange programs in America.

Vice-President — Helga Lewis is host mom to 55 international exchange students the last 38 years, and is mom to 6 children. She is the host mother to 55 international exchange students over the last 39 years. Helga is a professional hairdresser and salon owner for the last 30 years.

Program Director — Kevin Sheets comes to SEC America from the education field by teaching in high school for 17 years. Kevin is working in the various divisions of the exchange industry; preparing himself to become the next president of SEC-America.

PSP Program Manager — Pam Tina, is attending St. Mary's of the Woods to receive her Master's degree in Grant Writing and Physiology, Bachelor Degree in Psychology, from Indiana University Kokomo

Assistant to the President — Brice Sheets is from Western majoring in business. He is fast becoming an integral part of the SEC-America leadership.

Council to the President — Thomas Nellessen, is a practicing attorney with the law firm of the Nellessen Law Firm in Denver CO. Tom specializes in criminal, business and bankruptcy law.