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The History SEC America Consulting

Student Exchange Consulting (SEC America) is an organization unique unto itself by dedication and services to the student exchange industry. SEC America provides services to families, schools, exchange programs, exchange companies, international agencies and programs in international work experience was founded in 2009 and based in Tipton, IN by Gene Lewis.

At present, SEC America is composed of six interrelated but operationally independent divisions located in the heartland of Indiana and operating worldwide It operates a consulting service and a outsourcing service for SEP-America, PSP-America, PPS-America, WEP-America and ET-Overseas. Along with our “Partner Programs”, “Partner Schools”, “Partner Employers” in the USA and our international “Partner Agents” overseas, SEC America is able to facilitate educational/study abroad programs in over 60 countries. The SEC America Group arranges summer travel to the USA for Work and Travel, H2B, Training, Internships Au Pair participants and the USA university student summer vacation travel with English Tutor Overseas to countries of their choice worldwide.

SEC America’s job as a consultant is nothing more or less than just that, to CONSULT! What separate us from others are the passion and the drive for excellence. We are knowledgeable coming from the positions as a Helper to a great student exchange representative, to Representative, to Field Manager, to Regional Director, to the Program Director, to Public Relations Director and to Outreach Director for a student exchange group of companies.

Our basic knowledge comes from the local experience of hosting 55 international exchange students from throughout the world. Personally, we acted as a local coordinator/manager placing and supervising 49 to 76 students each year. Everything in student exchange starts and depends on the quality of the local level.

As a Program Director, our team hired, trained supervised while guiding a motivated field staff into a leading program nucleus while going from 179 students in many previous years to 526 in a time of just 10 months. That group of representatives and managers are still together today and operating as an excellent team of professionals. Their quality of work is beyond reproach and shows outstanding professionalism in the student exchange industry.

SEC America leadership contributed to the outstanding growth and quality as they :

  • Developed an industry leading website information center for student exchange
  • Developed programs that far exceed the norm in student exchange
  • Developed an outreach program for student exchange
  • Developed programs for recognition for host families and schools
  • Developed training sessions for student exchange
  • Developed the first student exchange outsourcing service
  • Developed the first consulting service dedicated to student exchange
  • Developed a school club fund raising program
  • Developed school plaque program for partner schools
  • Many additional programs, processes and activities in student exchange

The development of any program is not by one individual but by an influence of impression on many!

SEC America team is available to assist your Program in many different ways. Give Gene a call and arrange a meeting to discover what SEC America can assist you in, from consulting, training, seminar activity to outsourcing service. All conversations are in the highest of confidence.

Why hire the SEC America Group?

  • Expertise in student exchange
  • Experience from all levels of student exchange
  • Indentify problems and provide solutions
  • Catalyst for getting the ball rolling
  • Objectivity for a fresh view point and action needed
  • Training and teaching staff and leadership
  • Bringing a new life to your organization
  • Someone to do the dirty work
  • Create a new business
  • Speaker for a Seminar event
  • Outsider to share a company’s positive

"We work as an advisor to your company or program, and dedicated to making you the best you can be." Gene Lewis, SEC America Founder

Please click the icon to download the Consulting Fee Schedule. You will need to call the office for the password to open. It may be printed for personal review only.