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SEC America Outsourcing Information

Our Mission Statement

SEC-America is dedicated to the Foreign Exchange Student Industry and the Work Experience Industry. We are at service to the host family, representative, manager, public/private high school, seasonal employer, program sponsors in the USA and international student exchange agents worldwide. SEC America is committed to the advancement of global goodwill and understanding by providing a Cultural Homestay Educational Learning Experience Opportunity.”

-- Gene Lewis, founder

Who We Work For

SEC America is an outsource partner for qualitative professional international exchange student industry programs meeting SEC America quality standards. SEC America works FOR the student, host family, representative, public and private school and work experience employers. Student Exchange Consulting provides an independent voice in guidance, programming, education, training and support with a dedication to the ideals and positives of foreign student exchange.



Outsource Services in
Student Exchange and
Work Experience

What Do We Do

Since 2006, Gene Lewis, with the founding of the, Student Exchange Alliance website, has promoted the ideals of foreign student exchange and related programs. This innovative programming and industry’s leading edge information center was created for free to those who wanted to use its services. With 38 years experience in student exchange and the hosting of 55 exchange students sons and daughter provides a unique insight into international student exchange. With this same passion of working and assisting in the world of student exchange, Gene has developed the STUDENT EXCHANGE CONSULTING Group of Companies. Each of the five divisions perform functions outreach and recruiting activities in the search for quality people interested in joining with our “Partner Program.” SEC America uses its talents to locate, contact, share our mission, promote our Partner Programs and hire selected candidates for our Partner Programs benefit. JOIN us by becoming a “Partner Program” with the SEC America Group.

We Build Programs

SEC America is an independent outsourcing program that provides the major functions of building teams that welcome students from over 60 countries for semester and year-long high school programs. Those teams are involved in every step of a students' experience, from finding a quality host family, locating and securing quality representatives and managers to introducing local high schools to their programs and services. All of SEC America Partners are certified by the US Department of State and approved by CSIET. SEC America does not replace the student exchange program, but rather enhances their abilities to provide a higher quality program thru outsourcing services.

Academic Year Program

  • Manager - Search our databases and using marketing programs in search for talented, qualified and experienced managers for student exchange, who may have a desire to look at opportunities for advancement. We will review their qualifications and develop a relationship expressing the positives in that your company has to offer.
  • Representative/Coordinator - There are many excellent qualified local representatives that fail because of the lack of training and support in the field. Without the motivation and direction many do not get that 30 day placement, most time to no fault of their own. Where do those new representatives go after their friends, relatives, church members, neighbors and co-workers are approached? SEC America has that answer and the ability to motivate and inspire new Reps to be successful.
  • Host Family - For any company’s personnel to not have a stressful and deflating July and August, they must have enough Representatives and Host Families! SEC America can provide training and processes for host families and representatives.
  • International Agency’s - We work hard for our “Partners Agents” by representing you to the best that America have in student exchange. We will represent International Agency’s to quality programming and a high standard of excellence in student exchange, SEC-America can help you.
  • AYP Program/Company - SEC America occasionally comes across a program principal interested in retiring, reducing their role or even selling the business. SEC America can facilitate your effort in selling or purchasing another program. SEC America will then assist you by recruiting and developing prospective managers, representatives, host families and international agency’s to your circle of operations.

Private School Programs

  • Open School - Private school programs and international agencies are needed to partner with SEC America! In the last few months, we have opened over 150 of the highest quality private schools in the USA. We have the ability to preview over 150 of these private schools on this website (Coming very soon in our Private School Gallery). Our Partner Schools have over 900 private school openings for student placement. We can open these or other private schools for your program. Just give us a call and let SEC America Outsourcing work for you.
  • Student Placement - The above private schools opened for placement will be featured on this and other private school websites in the very near future. We need Partner Private School Programs to facilitate the placement of these students. These fine institutions located throughout the United States have much to offer students from all corners of the world. JOIN US as a Partner Private School Program.
  • Support Rep - SEC America can locate or provide a local private school support person for your private schools. Our support person will be experienced working with students, preferably within the private school.
  • Manager - We have manager candidates throughout the country that could meet your requirement, if your program uses managers in a state or multiple states as a manager for private schools.
  • Students to Owned International School - In our day to day operations, we occasionally hear from students wanting our help to attend a USA International School, many owned by a student exchange group.

Work Experience Programs

  • Work and Travel - Our team of professionals are developing JOB opportunities everyday for international students in seasonal vacation work and travel. We provide JOBs across this land of ours with leading corporations for year around programming, winter, and summer jobs.
  • H2B - Our Partner Programs ask us to recruit H2B workers for them.
  • Training - SEC America recruits students from our Partner Agencies for the training and trainee program.
  • Internship - We are recruiting Internship students to fill openings in American businesses.
  • Au Pair - We can provide Au Pair representatives and students for you who will recruit families Au Pair Programs.
  • Coach - We can recruit in this area for you.
  • Teacher - We can recruit in this area for you.
  • Camp Counselor - We can recruit in this area for you.

Please click the icon to download the Outsourcing Fee Schedule. You will need to call the office for the password to open. It may be printed for personal review only.

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