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When you join the SEC-America Group, you are becoming a member of a highly ethical and dedicated professional in student exchange. Number one for the SEC-America Group is the quality of program and maintaining that quality with the highest of standards. Our “Partner Agency’s” are more than a business partner but are friends of exchange promoting cultural sensitivity and understanding thru student exchange programs.

  • Screening and Orientation of Student Participants - As an SEC-America “Partner Agency” you will qualify , evaluate and support the student during the screening, selection and orientation process producing only the most qualified student candidate for final approval. It also means being there along the way to support the student throughout the program year, making sure of complete satisfaction with the program once accepted. This begins with being able to honestly evaluate their ability to adapt and thrive in the program. Partner Agency’s are required to provide complete pre-departure orientations of preparing their participants with all the tools needed to succeed.
  • Training - A well trained staff is essential to a successful partnership with SEC-America. Our student exchange organization offers a variety of programs and each has specific requirements that require detailed applications and screening evaluations. Our staff will be happy to assist you with the initial training period.
  • How to Apply - To become a “Partner Agency” with the SEC-America Group of Programs, please complete the application below. We look forward to a conversation with you on the benefits to your program of working with the Student Exchange Consulting Group.
Please complete the form below and let’s discuss how a partnership may be a benefit! Click "Submit" to finish. Your information will not be used for any other purposes and will be kept confidential. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required, other fields are optional. Existing Partner Agency’s, please fill out the form so we can update our database.

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