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SEC America Seminars

We use all our resources for our Partners Partner Programs, Schools,
Agency’s, and Employers.

All seminars are presented by the SEC America founder Gene Lewis

SEC America SEMINAR Programs

  • Managers vs Placers
  • Dialing Prospects not Hosts
  • What’s in your Contact Bank
  • What Others only TALK about
  • Half Full or Half Empty
  • Who Motivates YOUR Field
  • Earning the right to ASK
  • No NEWS is bad NEWS!
  • Who Knows Best?
  • Phone Training and Results!
  • Customized Presentation!
  • WHO’s the BOSS

Manager’s vs Placers - most student exchange managers generally
came from being great placers.

Dialing Prospects not Hosts - How do you feel when approached by a telemarketer?

What’s in your “Contact Bank?” - The number one seminar that is
critical for Reps and/or Managers!

Do What others only TALK about? - Do you do things others only talk about?

Half Full or Half Empty - How do you look at a half glass of water?

Where is the “I” in the word TEAM? - Every TEAM has an “I” in it!

Phone Training! - NO PRESSURE of “Dialing for Dollars”!

Additional Seminar Topics

  • Earn the Right to ASK?
  • No NEWS is Bad NEWS?
  • Who Knows Best?
  • Blow your Own Horn!

Select Customized Presentations - Seminar holder chooses topics from above and add a topic of their choice!

SEC America will spotlight the positives of your company/program as a major part of your seminar, SEC America will:

  • Promote your Company
  • Motivate your Staff
  • Phrase your Leadership
  • Promote your Group
  • Including additional positives

What we talk about in our Seminars is what our experience of 39 years in student exchange has given us. We do not have all the answers, but together we will find that answer.

Anything new or trend setting in student exchange is tested in our individual programs. Program Partners are asked to review the new or trend setting programs and asked to give opinions based on their experiences. The individual programs are for development, testing, recruitment, outsourcing, and outreaching in the student exchange industry.

Please click the icon to download the Seminar Fee Schedule. You will need to call the office for the password to open. It may be printed for personal review only.