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SEC America Training Opportunities

Local Representative Training

  • Telephone Training: Many people may not feel comfortable on the phone; we will take the pressure off! With our training they will have greater success. We teach skills!
  • Outreach Training: We will give you the tools you need in order to effectively outreach people in your community about the foreign exchange student program.
  • Recruiting New Prospects: We will provide you with the information needed to reach out and gain new prospects and those interested in learning more about student exchange in your local communities.
  • Host Family Recruitment: In this training, you will learn how to find quality host families, how to attract them, and how to effectively communicate with them.
  • Recognition of Host Schools: It is very important to make your local schools be made aware of how grateful we are they decide to diversify their school with international exchange. In this training, you will learn how to show the schools just how appreciative you are to ensure their support in the future.
  • Promote Your Area: We will teach you how to promote the student exchange benefits and the positives it brings to the classroom and on the campus.
  • “Contact Bank”: A local representatives #1 activity! Reps will learn how to keep up with their very own Contact Bank and how to use it in a productive manner. After all, it is necessary to locate people within your communities that are interested in the program. What’s in your Bank?
  • Placing Your Students: We will teach you the number one way to place your students in schools and with host families based on ___H___ ___I___ and ___L____.
  • What do you take to the house to talk about exchange? Is it nothing or an application, a flyer, or is it really like what counts? We will share ideas on what works not on what we think works!

We will not share with you actions that came from books, manuals, or from people who have not been there! BUT from those who have been there and is shooting from the heart with passion and experience that really works

Management Training

  • How Can We Help? - In this training, we will show your managers how to be successful managers, and effective leaders. We will give them the tools they will need to ensure the achievements of their region’s exchange program.
  • Using the Outreach Center - The Outreach program teaches the support you need to find host schools; and then to reach out to the potential host families in your areas. You will be given tips for the telephone communication.
  • Family Recruitment - As a manager, you can plan events that will be a way for all of your local staff to recruit potential host families. Managers may organize phone-a-thons or community work days to reach out to many different families. It may also be helpful to recruit within local clubs, school systems, or churches.
  • Telephone Training - Just like the representatives, it is important for managers to have good telephone communication skills. We will provide training to strengthen these skills.
  • Contact Experienced Prospects - We will show you how to locate and approach experienced people in student exchange programs. Even if they have worked with another company, you will learn how to make your program appealing to them.
  • Introduce Your Students - Create an event that will introduce your international students to their new communities. This will help everyone adjust to the change.
  • Using the WEB for Success - We will share with you tips on how to use the Web for your teams benefit. We will give hints on how you can be very supportive and productive for your Team.
  • Being the Manager you want to be - A session that all field managers should attend and learn how to be the best you can be!

We will provide the tools necessary for you to develop the team of professionals that manager’s desire. It is not easy and if it was there would not be a one of a kind company like SEC America. Managers are like the directors of an orchestra with a white baton. A part is missing and we will provide the tools to be highly successful.

The training sessions above are meant for groups of local managers and/or representatives. Not only will your team gain very important information, making July and August much more enjoyable. Don’t go through the August crazy’s by attending our training sessions in your area. Attendees will receive motivation, education and fun!

Gene Lewis, founder and President of SEC America will lead the training sessions personally.

Attendees will gain the advantage of 39 years of dedication, love and the passion of student exchange.

Please us the Contact Us form to set up dates for your TRAININGS.

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